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have been victims of the Willie Lynch syndrome continue to be oppressed in a nation that aims to discriminate against minorities. Kite-flying also reminds us that if we expect to soar higher in life, we must remember that constant pressure tempers us and makes us stronger through adversity and challenge. . Mattai-Huddleston argue in their journal The Sambo Mentality and the Stockholm Syndrome Revisitied: Another Dimension to an Examination of the Plight of African Americans that there seems to be a calling for the adoption of a self-help mentality as the cure for the psychological problems. Brown, Ronald., Davis, Darren. Ultimately dashed to pieces by the winds of change, my idealism, my impracticality, and my inattention had cost me my kite. Flynn and Stozier then go on to state that the reason we do not know much about the perpetrators is because they (perpetrators) dont want us to know any information about them. They are lessons that were taught without my realization until lifes experiences connected them with the necessary analogies.

She claims that the truths of colonial devastations were repressed because the memories and actions associated with colonial violences were incorporated into the body space of the psych, and unconscious domain outside language (215). The fact that this social group is not even seen as human and has years of traumatic repression accumulating has no affect on how they are being treated and marginalized in America. In an instant, my kite would be snatched away and held firmly like a trapped moth in the grasp of a tree. . 39  (Spring, 2003. But, they rebelled until at last it would be time for the much anticipated and long awaited launch. . The traumatization of the black male and his people are left with burdensome and tragic memories that continue to manifest itself today into negative stereotypes and actions of the African American. Kite-flying teaches that freedom must be cherished but also respected. . If the family is to survive, the son has to obey the law of the Father and put away his incestual and maternal desire for his mother in order for the family to grow healthily(215).

Like Flynn and Strozier state in their article, we focus more on the victim than the perpetrator. The crux of his methods of keeping slaves in line is to divide them against each other using factors of age, color, intelligence, size, sex, size of plantations, attitude of owners, location of slaves, the hair texture of slaves and their height. Annals of the Association of American Geographers. So much focus is on the person who is traumatized rather than the victimizer. The joy of kite-flying was invariably delayed, however, by the necessity of unfettering miles of string that had become tangled by neglect, tangled by impatience, or tangled by the very winds that we so desperately needed and had for so long eagerly anticipated. . Years after my kites have been put away, the same eternal lessons will hopefully live on in him, but I must first teach him to fly. Africans were traumatized to the point where even their history has some missing pieces, and African Americans today are suffering from post traumatic disorder because they are still feeling the effects of slavery which has not been outwardly and remorsefully addressed by White America. The wind parts my hair, and I draw my jacket tighter. . My, how they flew! .

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The use of metaphorical words in describing the simple act of flying kites is just so awesome.
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