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Of Juvenile Justice - The Beijing Rules. Although the definition of criminal responsibility varies depending on jurisdiction and context, the concept generally implies that the perpetrator understands what they are doing and that it is wrong. As I mentioned before, India has a minimum age of 7 years. Namely, they will view children as adults seeing them as autonomous beings who bear responsibility for what they do, despite their age. Criminal example: sexting, the relatively recent phenomenon of sexting serves here to show the need for higher age levels.

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The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (uncrc) in 1989 expanded on these principles, and states that children below a minimum age shall be presumed not to have the capacity to infringe on penal law. The Age of Criminal Responsibility: Developmental Science and Human Rights Perspectives. Secretary of State for the Home Department, Ex parte T, concerned Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, both 10 year old boys, being convicted of the murder of a two year old boy. At the end of the 19th century, Max Weber discussed the ethics of responsibility for the politician, arguing that the vocation of politics requires attention to the facts of the situation and the consequences of action. The question of whether a collective can be held responsible if it lacks the psychological capacities of an individual can be addressed in framing the discussion in terms of responsibility as the capacity to interact in the context of shared norms. The possible justifications for this are set out in Part Two. A person can only be held criminally liable if he is involved in the commission of a crime and has a frame of mind that expresses or implies mental participation in the offense. This term was prevalent in discussions relating to the.S. Nonetheless, four main approaches to the age of criminal responsibility can be ascertained: (1) a single absolute bressay humidors age period (sometimes referred to as the minimum age of criminal responsibility; (2) a single conditional age period (no minimum age level (3) a combination of an absolute. John Stuart Mill also wrote about responsibility in the 19th century relating to principles of responsible action.

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