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South Korea. Retrieved July 27, 2008, from Lubber, Mindy. In Haiti and other regions riots are erupting over the shortages of food, people are going hungry because of unequal trade, lopsided agricultural policies, and unmaintainable development causing a massive divide between wealth and poverty (Holt-Gimenez, 2008). Karl Marx a German theorist highlighted social conflict as a materialistic explanation of history regarding social provisions and political platforms of revolution (McClelland, 2000). The import is horizontal because of the world price, so they need to supply at this price. As the crop is being diverted to producing ethanol, people who rely on maize exports for food or animal feed feel the void caused by the diversion of food to fuel. However, Johnston said that it should not be referred to as a food crisis because even as prices of food have increased by 52 percent for this decade it has actually gone below 1947 levels if it would be adjusted to US wage levels. Unless, among other things, financial speculation in basic grains is regulated, if not abolished, the high volatility of food prices seems to be a fact of life now. Data from the UN indicate that fertile soil the size of Ukraine is being lost annually because of droughts, deforestation and climate change (de Silva, 2008). Before I move on to the next examples, I need to explain about the result of the demand exceed supply. The prospect of world famine is held before us with hundreds of millions of people starving. Numerous actions have been proposed.

Violent riots have resulted because of the demand for food while the WHO is showing great concern about the effects of the food crisis on the nutrition intake of people especially for children in their crucial age of growth. Income in countries like Yemen the average pay is less than. Aside from the children, adults and the elderly people will also be extremely affected by the crisis.

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People are going hungry because of unequal trade, lopsided agricultural policies, and unmaintainable development causing a massive divide between wealth and poverty (Holt-Gimenez, 2008). In reviewing, The World Food Crisis: what is behind it and what we can do (2000 emphasized the problems associated with global food crisis as a natural disaster because populations become abandoned in the face of enormous devastation as billions face hunger (Holt-Gimenez, 2008). There was an agricultural boom, with food production doubling from 1950 to 1970. Food crisis occur in the country may lead to other problem. It has also formed a task force that would focus on such problems (WHO, 2008). Marx has related his theory to socialism and capitalism in stages relating to the materialist model, an exclusive group controls capital and divides classes between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, an economic construction within civilization (McClelland, 2000). After the analysis, the WHO formulates a consolidated response that would address the three considerations (WHO, 2008). Furthermore, people learn to adapt to their environment and sometimes use any means necessary to adapt including using lifesaving methods to avoid starvation (Craig, 2013). Depletion of soil iodine is part of this problem and is reflected in the diminished content of iodine in foods and water. (1) Undernourishment: Undernourishment occurs when the body does not consume enough food or enough calories to support its needs. 00 a day, with the low income challenges are faced by the government in addition to the refugees and tribal warfare from Somalia because of the persistent terrorist threats (Staff, 2008). As Peter Rosset makes clear in his contribution, there are, on the one hand, crises that may grab our attention as seemingly newsuch was the urgent problem in the spring of 2008, when the media parachuted in to cover the latest disaster: food riots.

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