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my blood. It becomes clear, however, that he is not himself rebellious but that he is using the comparison to a rebel confronting a king to accentuate how safe he feels and that he bears America no ill will and would not mock her. Page Author Brenda Martinez plain T12:23:04-05:00 1 T07:46:23-05:00 McKay's "America" in 2015 1 Contextual Essay. Of terror, malice, not a word of jeer. First Quatrain: "Although she feeds" to "tests my youth!". In the final stanza, his eyes are still involved in the experience, only now they have grown dim, and I could no more gaze A wave of longing through my body swept. Crucially, the metaphor used to highlight America's violence"tiger's tooth"also subtly challenges the nation's own self-conception by comparing America to an "exotic foreign animal.

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Indeed, the poem is reminiscent of Poem XL. Page Author Brenda Martinez plain T11:38:19-05:00 1 T12:55:03-05:00 Claude McKay's dealing with depression at work Relationship With His Craft 1 Contextual Essay by Kyle Brett plain T12:55:03-05:00 1 T12:56:28-05:00 Strangers on the Train: McKay's "On the Road" and Spatial Poetics 1 Contextual Essay by Kyle Brett plain T12:56:28-05:00 1 T12:59:15-05:00. But while the sonnet can be broken up in terms of rhyme into the form's traditional 3 quatrains and 1 final couplet, it can also be divided syntactically and semantically into 2 mirroring halves (43 and 34) that divide and reflect each other after the. Giles argues, "test" is a peculiar word here, implying a kind of stoicism and even perhaps introducing "a note of Victorianism. As the work of a black man pursuing what had been to that time primarily a white mans vocation, McKays Invocation bears comparison with John Miltons Hail native Language. The speaker states that it energizes him, for it is itself driven by an inner revitalizing energy that sustains.