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the Norwegian Storting (Parliament) decided to award the 1905 Nobel Peace Prize to Bertha von Suttner. The invention of the blasting cap inaugurated the modern use of high explosives. He picked up a little of this paste and carefully changed it into a tiny ball. The market for dynamite and detonating caps grew very rapidly and Alfred Nobel also proved himself to be a very skillful entrepreneur and businessman. Over the years he founded factories and laboratories in some 90 different places in more than 20 countries. Photo from the Nobel Foundation archive. He had a great interest in literature and wrote his own poetry and dramatic works. Nobel named the new product dynamite (from Greek dynamis, power) and was granted patents for it in Great Britain (1867) and the United States (1868).

To cite this section, mLA style: The Nobel Prize in Physics 2017. In 1863 he invented a practical detonator consisting of a wooden plug inserted into a larger charge of nitroglycerin held in a metal container; the to a daughter leaving home essay explosion of the plugs small charge of black powder serves to detonate the much more powerful charge of liquid nitroglycerin. Several explosions, including one (1864) in which his brother Emil and several other persons were killed, convinced the authorities that nitroglycerine production was exceedingly dangerous. Nobel himself, however, remains a figure of paradoxes and contradictions: a brilliant, lonely man, part pessimist and part idealist, who invented the powerful explosives used in modern warfare but also established the worlds most prestigious prizes for intellectual services rendered to humanity. Alfred soon began experimenting with explosives in a small laboratory on his fathers estate. Over the years Bertha von Suttner became increasingly critical of the arms race.

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