why study hospitality management essay

and Y are used in todays business. Instead, if given the opportunity, employees would display self-motivation to put on convivencia thesis the effort necessary to achieve the organizations goals. Monitoring and operation forms should be established to assist the head house keeper in all the operations of the department and therefore establish the efficiency.

Our guests and customers are completely dependent upon you to fulfill their expectations. I can select the general hospitality and tourism industry and will discover I have many options in terms of employment opportunities. The employee would give out as much or as little as they deemed necessary for the specific situation. A manager would push his workers either by punish them or requesting rewards and having a raise for their wages. Considerations of the most effective and cost effective tools, equipments or chemicals must be thoroughly done before consideration in the budget. . Organization of work and staff. First we must figure out what is our goal, second figure out what is the best way to get to the goal, and what is the resources, and how can we get that. If the cleaning of the reception and the dining places has been allocated under the house keepers department, a schedule for their cleaning must be included too. While Theory Y represents a positive view of human nature and assumes individuals are generally likes to work, creative, and able to seek responsibility in their jobs. Although this may seem like a difficult or nearly impossible task, customer satisfaction is the key to the successful businesses. 25-39 staffing and organizing are the core roles in house keeping department as they entail planning functions, establishment of procedures, and categorization of supply as well as equipment needs. .