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other country. And by being interested in Korean idol singers and dramas, I get to want to know about the country, Korea, and learn about the Korean language. Systematic information may easily be acquired. You must learn for yourself and you will learn if you really want to and are willing to practice. And another way is watching American movies with focusing on sound of speaking. The most difficult thing I meet with in learning English is pronunciation. Title: Calls up the words related to the subject since it determines the subject. Because, we face with familiar structures and expressions continuously.

Another important part of learning English is to practise the correct pronunciation.
Essay 3: How to Learn English.
Learning a language is mainly based upon self-struggle.
Maybe the only thing to be done by the teachers on this subject is to advise a method.
Repetitions and using the language are vital in language learning.

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Its the teachers duty to arrange this unfamiliar information and present it to the students. I'm absolutely sure that the knowledge of the English language will help me in future to find a good and interesting job. The unknown words are looked up in a dictionary. Responding the one you are speaking to depends on thomas merton essays pdf using the memory adequately. Once we understand his/her intention we do not pay much attention to every word s/he says.

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