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inner to the sacrotuberous ligament. In the male it is large and of an oval form, its longest diameter slanting obliquely from before backward; in the female it is smaller, and more triangular. The obturator foramen is a large aperture, situated between the ischium and pubis. It is conveniently described in two portions, viz., a medial flattened part and a narrow lateral prismoid portion. Passing upward and lateralward from the pubic tubercle is a well-defined ridge, forming a part of the pectineal line which marks the brim of the lesser pelvis: to it are attached a portion of the inguinal falx ( conjoined tendon of Obliquus internus and Transversus. 18 The Acetabulum ( cotyloid cavity ). The posterior surface, convex from above downward, concave from side to side, is smooth, and forms part of the anterior wall of the pelvis.

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The outer surface is uneven for the origin of the Obturator externus and some of the fibers of the Adductor magnus; its inner surface forms part of the anterior wall of the pelvis. The hip bone is ossified from eight centers: three primaryone each for the ilium, ischium, and pubis; and five secondaryone each for the crest of the ilium, the anterior inferior spine (said to occur more frequently in the male than in the female the tuberosity. It gives origin to the Levator ani and Obturator internus, and attachment to the puboprostatic ligaments and to a few muscular fibers prolonged from the bladder. At about the age of puberty, ossification takes place in each of the remaining portions, and they join with the rest of the bone between the twentieth and twenty-fifth years. Operation management is the combination of product management and service management.