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in any application will open a window with the standard printer settings: paper size, page range, etc. Some printers may offer additional options; as you can see from the screenshot our Canon printer can print double-sided and in just black and white. Thats why we put together this list of apps and strategies for print from your tablet. Please enter a question. We reuse the EmployeeDetails Activity to allow the user to display the details of the manager of the selected employee.

One of the most popular printing apps for the iPad, Printer Pro requires a free companion app on your computer in order to unleash its full potential. A list of printers compatible with Cloud Print is available. Getting started is as easy as downloading the official Google Cloud Print app to your tablet from the Google Play store and then following the instructions. Xml : Layout to display each item in the list. Xml : A simple layout to display the details of an employee. In onListItemClick we create an Intent corresponding to the action selected by the user, and start a new activity with that intent. Print n Share Pro.99, universal, this app aims to be almost the only one you will ever need because the features go far beyond the ability to print from your tablet.

Look at the details of an employee. It also acts as a document manager and reader (similar in some ways to GoodReader a file transfer utility (to make it learning autobiography essay easier to copy files to your iPad from your computer without a cable and an email app. Click here, see all details for Lenovo Yoga Book- FHD.1". Youre not out of luck if you dont have an AirPrint printer, as there are other options. Google also has worked hard to make it easy to use a wide array of printers with Android tablets.