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intrude into or interrupt the sleep process. Other than the irritation or distress it may cause loved ones, sleep talking is harmless. As many as how to write essays multiple interviews 15 of all children experience isolated episodes. During a typical episode, the individual sits up in bed with intense anxiety and displays agitated and preservative motor movements (such as picking at the blanket a frightened expression, dilated pupils, profuse perspiration, pilorection, rapid breathing and quick pulse. Problems arising from sleep apnea can include heart and lung disease, and can also cause heart failure in severe cases. B) Milder anxiety experience. Medicine Rubric, sleep problems can be caused by various factors.

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C) Absence of a panicky scream upon awakening. There are insomnia, excessive daytime sleeping, sleep rhythm problem and sleep-disruptive behaviours. Usually poor sleep leads to decreased feelings of well-being. Management : In milder forms of the disease, weight loss is often sufficient treatment. Each gasp causes a mini-awakening. Narcolepsy may occur in isolation or may be associated with psychiatric disorders such as depression and schizophrenia.

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