why you shouldn't do drugs essay

drugs. Getting high all the time tends to smother personal ambition so that the person doesnt feel like doing anything or getting anywhere in life. In other cases, they may have been trying a new drug and used more than what might have been even somewhat safe. As time goes on, the person becomes more and more dependent on the drug as a coping mechanism and a way out. Very often, the person is arrested for theft, burglary or robbery when attempting to steal money or items that can be sold to raise money for drugs. During the whole time I was on drugs I thought I had control over my life and that I had it great.

Finally, the last reason not to do drugs, there is the constant threat of overdose. My addiction was winning. In other cases, the person might be arrested for assault or another type of violent crime while acting under the influence of drugs.

Few people deny the dangers of drug use. Once a person is addicted, it is very hard to stop taking drugs. You may think you have a good job in your possession or a good secure position, but.

Later, I was hanging out at a friends house smoking marijuana when someone pulled out a bag of cocaine. To put it simply, people who use drugs dont see the world around them as brightly and clearly as they should, and for this reason, they are a serious liability to themselves and to the rest. Emotional Addiction, people normally start using drugs as a way to solve some type of problem, such as an unhappy home life, stress at work or social pressure. The truth is quite different. Its important to set goals and work toward achieving them. One of these has to do with the fact that the new experiences that the addict has been living through usually change the way that he or she looks at the world.