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to confrontation, jury deliberations and verdicts, sentencing, appeal, and collateral challenges to convictions. 426 - Prosecution Seminar (2 hours) This seminar, taught by a full-time faculty member in concert with practicing prosecutors, will explore the environment, objectives, and challenges of the American prosecutor's office. These methods fell into decline in the late 16th century, mainly because students came to rely on printed books, and after the middle of the 17th century there was virtually no organized education in English law until the introduction of apprenticeship for solicitors in 1729. Students will gain the practical skills necessary to succeed in the legislative advocacy field. This is not a writing course. 541 - Business Drafting lawr IV (2 hours) This course focuses on legal drafting in the business setting. 417 - Art and Cultural Property Law (3 hours. 673 - Intellectual Property Research (1 hour) The course offers an in-depth look at the materials and sources used by lawyers who work in intellectual property. The program is structured as a series of lectures and discussions by members of the law school faculty on the highlights of selected substantive areas in American Law. Second, we explore insider trading.

476 - Criminal Litigation Drafting lawr (2 hours) The primary objective of the course is to take the students to the next level of advocacy in their research, analysis, and writing using the setting of criminal cases. Students selected by the Transactional Competition Board to prepare and edit the Problem Book receive one academic credit on certification of their work by a faculty member. The classroom component teaches lawyering skills such as interviewing and counseling clients, discovery, negotiation and mediation, expert witness examination, conducting focus groups, and trying real cases. 619 - Corporate Finance (2 hours) A study of the allowable changes in a corporation's financial structure with concentration on the recapitalization of solvent corporations, reorganization of insolvent corporations, and concepts of valuation. The student submits a statement of goals to the faculty supervisor and meets with the supervisor on the goals before the externship begins. The faculty member consults with the supervising attorneys in the office to establish customized how to write a home childcare business plan learning objectives for each students, achieved through a variety of practice experiences.

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