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temperate cyclones: (i) Polar Front Theory by Bjerkenes: According to this theory, the warm-humid air masses from the tropics meet the dry-cold air masses from the poles and thus a polar front is formed. The wind strength is more in eastern and southern portions, more over North America compared to Europe. Temperate Cyclones: Temperate cyclones are active over mid-latitudinal region between 35 latitude and 65 latitude in both hemispheres. Essay on famine, essay on the Season I like the Best Winter. Coriolis Force (f The Coriolis force is zero, at the equator but it increases with latitude. The Antarctic frontal zone. The water of the river rises. After developing, these cyclones advance till they find a weak spot in the trade wind belt. The temperate cyclones experience more rainfall when there is slower movement and a marked difference in rainfall and temperature between the front and rear of the cyclone. A Coriolis force exceeding 10-5 /second in magnitude occurs above 5 latitude. The following photo essay from muftah staff writer, nancy elshami, captures the atmosphere during and after the elections photo credit: nancy.

It blows forward forming circles. Structure of Tropical Cyclone: The eye lies at the centre of the cyclone. The belt extending from Iceland to Barents Sea and continuing over Russia and Siberia. Sufficient evaporation leads to the accumulation of moisture above the ocean surface. Tropical Cyclones: Origin and Development: The tropical cyclones have a thermal origin, and they develop over tropical seas during certain seasons.

Distribution: The favourite breeding grounds of temperate cyclones are shown in Fig. However, we can to so extent control the cyclone by creating forests on sea shore. Characteristics: Temperate cyclones have the following characteristics. Associated Weather: The approach of a temperate cyclone is marked by fall in temperature, fall in the mercury level, wind shifts and a halo around the sun and the moon, and a thin veil of cirrus clouds. They stretch from 500 km to 600. Sometimes steamers are also sunk. Such instability encourages thunderstorms. Remind them that there are no correct versions, they are free to express their own views writing an essay in english if english is not your first. Also, the whirling motion is enhanced when the doldrums are farthest from the equator. Characteristics: The main features of tropical cyclones are as follows: Size and Shape: Tropical cyclones have symmetrical elliptical shapes (2:3 ratio of length and breadth) with steep pressure gradients.

There is not a breath of wind. Rainfall stops and clear weather prevails until the cold front of an anticyclonic character arrives which causes a fall in temperature, brings cloudiness and rainfall with thunder. Man has no power to prevent. In Orissa, cyclone very often affects Balasore, Kendrapara, Jajpur, Jagatsingpur, Konark, Puri, Gopalpur and other few areas of Ganjam. A belt of limited cloud cover is found, away from the main cloudmass. The wind begins to blow furiously. Orientation and Movement: These cyclones start with a westward movement, but turn northwards around 20 latitude. After this, once again clear weather is established.