research papers on ethological behaviour of animals

in fish. Sneddon,.U.; Leach,.C. Retrieved September 15, 2015. Retrieved b Grandin,. Citation needed A-delta-type fibres, believed to trigger avoidance reactions, are common in bony fish, although they have not been found in sharks or rays. To address this problem when assessing the capacity of other species to experience pain, argument-by-analogy is used. Henriksen,., Vaagland,., Sundt-Hansen,., May,. Behavioural changes from norm?? Tagging/fin clipping, high stocking densities resulting in increased aggression, food deprivation for disease treatment or before harvest, removal from water for routine husbandry, pain during slaughter ornamental fish (e.g.

Receptors for analgesic drugs?? Trade-offs in motivation edit Goldfish make trade-offs between their motivation to feed or avoid an acute noxious stimulus. Doi :.1093/acprof:oso/.001.0001 The table in the article is based on table.2, page 113. "Can fish really feel pain?" (PDF). The following is a table of criteria suggested by Sneddon. 89 The legislation protecting animals in most other circumstances in the UK is "The Animal Welfare Act, 2006" which states that in the Act, " animal means a vertebrate other than man 90 clearly including fish.