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Free Essays 2277 words (6.5 pages). What it is; What are the effects it has on the body and lastly, what strategies we can use to combat stress. Pi prays at least five times per day and he tries to face Mecca. Science can explain the world up to a certain point, but its usefulness ends. But Pi points out that like religion; science has an element of faith. "Chapter 12: Reasoning and Decision Making." Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research, and Everyday Experience. In the novel, Life of Pi, the main character, Pi, is one of astonishment; even through the darkest points in his life, he is still able to somehow remain both faithful and hopeful. Through storytelling he is able to pick and choose exactly what he wants to accept and change what troubles him so that he can remain both faithful and fearless. It goes to show humans choose to believe the beautiful, but absurd, story they all reject the nasty reality.

He explains, " I practiced religious ritual that I adapted to the circumstances solitary Masses without priests or consecrated on communion hosts, darshans without murtis and pujas with turtle meat for prasad, acts of devotion to Allah not knowing where Mecca was and getting. Many times it is the desires toward something or someone that truly matters and that makes all the difference. 1297 Words 6 Pages, there are many conventional methods to coping with ones fears but the most effective is by facing. Coping has been defined as the constantly changing cognitive and behavioural efforts to manage specific external and/or internal demands that have been evaluated as taking up, or exceeding the resources of the person (Lazarus and Folkman,.d.

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He keeps faith, however, he doesn't know much about his religion. tags: essays research papers. Strong Essays 1604 words (4.6 pages). Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. One can learn clearly from Pi that it does not have ray bradbury thesis statement to be complete loss or lack of hope.

At one point in his life he was Catholic, a Muslim and also practiced Hinduism so one could say that he was unsure about his religion because he liked the teachings of all those religions and decided to follow all of them at the same. That being said, fear is not as easy to let go of, as with anything else produced by the mind, it takes psychological stamina to get rid. In both stories the ship sinkswhich story do you prefer. Pi realizes that fear is lifes only opponent (Cockeram, 4 and so he manages to desist his fears through his faith in religion and god. According to Tim OBrien, They found jokes to tell.

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