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genuine way against death penalty essays to avoid scams. And your local health club or Costco will have business partners willing to offer you discounts. So why is the National Society of High School Scholars or the Whos Who of American High School Students letter an annual source of frustration for me and others who help teens and their families with college admission? Next time you get an email or letter in the mail announcing an opportunity, here are a few ways to spot the scam: If it is an honor or award, has my child done something specific to earn this honor? These programs have to demonstrate some benefit to participating students. You arent missing a thing. Can I list this as an award / honor on my college applications? No, it is not really that prestigious or exclusiveeveryone you know got the same invitation letter. In fact, listing one of these buy your own award items on a college application or resume may backfire. Is this a recognized organization?

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If you have earned recognition for doing something, it is worth noting on your applications. And too often parents and students want to jump at any opportunity to stand out when it comes to college admission. (writing a winning essay, competing in a national event, completing the requirements for an organizational award, etc.). Secondary Principals list of neural mechanisms in eating behaviour essay activities and contests that offer actual academic value. We received a letter from the high school that our daughter is eligible for a membership in nshss (National Society of High School Scholars).