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bar, you will most likely find not only advances in this field or a basic overview of stem cells, but articles on Continue Reading Stem Cell Aging 1894 Words 8 Pages Stem cell aging. It can be used to regrow limbs, create organs, attack genetic diseases, treat malfunctioning bladders, etc. Once they are damaged or die they cannot regenerate themselves. Some possible sources for these stem cells include embryos created via in vitro fertilization (for either research or reproduction five-to-nine-week old embryos or fetuses obtained through elective abortion; and embryos created through cloning or what is known as somatic cell nuclear transfer (Liu 1). Stem cells have the chance to change all that we know in the medical field as well as the potential to heal old wounds and heal damaged organs. Odds are, you would be in favor of ending the suffering of the thousands of people who currently battle such diseases. Duping the immune system is another possibility, perhaps using stem cells from the brain that somehow avoid detection. Stem cells might also become cancerous in the lab. Following this executive order, Congress passed the Dickey Amendment in 1996, prohibiting "federally appropriated funds from being used for either the creation of human embryos for research purposes or for research in which a human embryo or embryos are destroyed, discarded, or knowingly subjected. Despite their medical promise, stem cells have been dogged by political and ethical controversy because some are derived blanche essay jane erye from discarded human embryos, and because of fears and confusion about links with human reproductive cloning. However, research now suggests that these lines may have been tainted with material from mouse feeder cells in the lab, rendering them useless for human therapy.

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Most of the people who believe that the embryonic stem cell is the solution also believe that the federal government should help fund the research. McMahan states that we are embodied minds. There are three main types of stem cells embryonic stem cells adult stem cells and induced induced-pluripotent stem cells. As the brain develops, it turns out they're pretty harmoniousan orchestra of keyboards (Zerhouni, 2).The two broad types of cells are embryonic stem Continue Reading Essay on Stem Cell Research 801 Words 4 Pages Stem Cell Research Research on stem cells is advancing knowledge about. The otherwise lack of treatment for loss of organ function displays the valuable potential of embryonic stem cells. In May 2005, one of the worlds top stem cell scientists South Koreas Woo Suk Hwang announced that his team had used therapeutic cloning to produce 11 ESC lines tailored to individual patients. Several other groups, including American evangelicals and Orthodox ethicists, consider "blastocysts to have the same status as fully developed human beings" and therefore oppose embryonic stem cell research for this reason.