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approach looks at the whole family and looks at how everybodys role in the system impacts the other. We can solve all of the mentioned above problems with ease. The treatment of panic attacks, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, chemical dependences the scope of clinical hypnosis is very wide. The medical and systems approach to therapy both have a place, often better results can be obtained if they work together.

The black box warning indicated that taking the medication can increase the risk of suicidal thoughts. If the client has other medical conditions like heart or kidney disease then using psychotropic medicines can be unsafe and or ineffective for the client. If a child is depressed then there is a flaw in the system that needs to be addressed. There are two main approaches offered the medical approach or the system approach.

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Data are from Tjia. They are the most common psychotropic used for depression. This is important to have the awareness of how the emotional system functions which will increase the levels of differentiation so that the client can focus on making changes for self instead of trying to change others. With the system approach the counselor encourages the whole family or the whole system to be involved in the care or process of changing. Episodes of major depression will reoccur within a five year time period. Perspective n engl j med 353;11. Stage one reduces anxiety about what the symptom, by teaching them that the symptom is part of their pattern of learning. People with certain diseases of mentality, and also people who apply insulin, sedative substances and cardiacs must at first consult doctor about possibility of including hypnosis in the program of treatment. Suchencounters often resonate withunresolved episodes of loss ortrauma in the students past orcome as a shock to those whohave had little experience withdeath. The side effects from this class are upset stomach, insomnia, sexual problems, fatigue and anxiety. Why is there depression?

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