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free to change. When writing letters in English, your address goes at the top on the right. Here are some examples of ways to start and end your letters to an English friend: Salutation Beginning comments Dear John How are you? Do you need help with writing in English right now? After all, you need to use lots of key language skills and express your creativity. BBC Learning English, our second tip for you is to start a new, useful habit: Watch video presentations.

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Requesting, i would be grateful if you could. With all these pieces of advice and fabulous tools, you will master all the nuances of English grammar, from article usage to tenses. Giving Bad News, unfortunately, I have to inform you that. Please find enclosed my order form with payment details. It always looks good to write the date in full ( or March 27th 2009). If you want to take things even further and improve your writing with an interactive thesaurus, check out Visual Thesaurus. You may need to know about a specific writing format for school, work or research, such as: These are the most commonthough there are more styles of English writing out thereand Purdue Owl has all the information you need to follow any of them. This one is great not only for writing, but also for effective paraphrasing, when you want to say something with different words but keep the same meaning. If you want to get unlimited access, become a part of this learning community and share your own materials with others.