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important is that you have a literary log of where your life is going. Since it is personal, it is only you evaluating your progress. Personally, I have terrible penmanship, so I cleaned that up quickly (as a side note, I dont trust a personal log on a computer, as I think we associate electronic writing with communicating with others, as all of us have hand-written letters or notes. When you push yourself to keep a daily journal, you force yourself to confront many things. Regardless, putting one foot in front of the other towards a goal is a daily struggle. You can get a good read on your ability to narrate events or muse about life and love. For a period of time, I was obsessed with what I would think of this entry a month later.

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There is a reason the, roosh Program has a strong emphasis on keeping a player journal: the reflection it causes doesnt just help you sort out your thoughts, but it also gives you an outlet to reflect on and better yourself. You notice certain tendencies you have writing. As such, what has struck about keeping a log about your personal life, is that you will spend a great bit of time detailing your interactions with others. I have tried to keep a journal off and on since high school, but I have never regularly updated one. He wowed other people because of his ability to make you feel like you knew each other intimately, even if your interactions had only been fleeting and superficial. Christ, Americans wanted blanche essay jane erye to liberate Iraq but within a year they were whining about occupying a foreign country. Another point to consider is this: one of the first things you notice once you have a few weeks under your belt is that re-reading old posts can be a bit taxing.

I have a problem with over-thinking issues and while I might have good realizations or workable solutions, they are just thoughts. I recall thinking that was a pretty neat message, but like most messages in America, it is a fleeting message one most likely will not act. It prevented the free-flowing of thoughts and feelings. This isnt a bad goal, but it defeats the primary  purpose of journal-keeping.