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advantages, because he would feel that, if he could get a college education, he would be as it were lifted upon a higher plane for all the work of his subsequent life. It was controlled by the mores which soon established notions of the right way to behave and of rights and duties which would be conducive to prosperity and happiness. At the present moment perhaps not a single voter wants the United States to acquire a part of China. She was accused of trying to seduce the nuns and bewitching them with gout and neuralgia, and all the old witchdoctrines Edition: current; Page: 124 are in the twelve findings of the court. Everybody knows that there is no civilization common to all America and different from that of Europe; there are no ideas common to all America and different from European ideas. He was to the end the uncompromising foe of hypocrisy, sham, ostentation, and weak sentiment which last he curtly denominated gush. The conclusion of this branch of the subject is that it is fundamentally antagonistic to our domestic system to hold dependencies which are unfit to enter into the Union. I do not believe that this was formerly true. In general Indians held that they were a favored race, due to a special creation.

It would be easy, however, to show what good is done by accumulations of capital in a few hands that is, under close and direct management, permitting prompt and accurate application; also to tell what harm is done by loose and unfounded denunciations of any. Sweden and Norway, possessing unity, threaten to separate. Polygamy was the current usage; divorce was easy at Edition: current; Page: 78 the will of the man; motherhood was the chief function of women. One knows of ancient seats of learning which have met that fate. Augustine thought Edition: current; Page: 162 that the State was due to sin, while Gregory VII said that it was the work of the devil. The French writers of the school of '48 used to represent the badness of the bad men as the fault of society. As an illustration of the light which sociology throws on a great number of political and social phenomena which are constantly misconstrued, we may notice the differences in the industrial, political, and civil organizations which are produced all along at different stages of the ratio.

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Spain is exhausting her last strength to keep Cuba, which can never repay the cost unless it is treated on the old colonial plan as a subject province to be exploited for the benefit of the mother-country. This much, however, can be said with confidence about the family under woman-descent: it was the conservative institution of that form of society and in it traditions were cherished and education was accomplished. The New England Puritarm had this notion that the sins of some would bring down the wrath of God on the whole. It is possible that our new civilization may perish by an explosion from within. In contrast with what I have stated, it is most important to notice that, in every class, men distinguish themselves in political economy who have been very poor scholars in the classics and have lost whatever mental drill a classical training might have given.