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disillusion with the capacity of the nationalized industries to deliver effective and efficient services to the public and to achieve social goals they were set up to attain. As we have now moved beyond the stage of merely arguing for and against privatization, policy makers must resist the temptation to see privatisation as a panacea for iteratively, it is an extremely difficult undertaking. Essay on the, meaning of Privatisation: Privatisation has become an integral part of pro-competition programme and has now become a familiar feature of new consensus economic policy. Create a political consensus and public support. However, a private firm is interested in making a profit, and so it is more likely to cut costs and be efficient. However, in India, privatisation is misunderstood to mean only disinvestment. The last one must have an income distribution effects. How far the claimed benefits of economic growth and efficiency will materilise with privatization, is moot point.

THE impact OF privatisation ON THE banking sector IN THE caribbean. "Franchises Private firms are grantedmonopoly to manage or provide public services.

"Deregulation", Removal of regulationsallows former public services to be provided privately without public supervision. If the firm short essay on conservation of minerals is inefficient then the firm could be subject to a takeover. Necessarily, therefore, the classical IMF-WB conditionalitys embracing almost every sector the economy were required to be abided. (a) MC pricing: One simple way would be to oblige the monopoly firm to charge a P MC, and provide a subsidy for any ensuing loss. During the 5 years, 1995-99, Italys privatisation proceeds came to 80 billion. (b) Break-even or average return to capital: Alternatively the regulator can insist on a price that allows the firm to just break-even. It is the transfer of property or control of assets used to deliver goods or services from the public to the private sector. Managed Competition The government creates a contracting processwhich allows public employees to bid along with we have a bird eye view of the modern concept of privatization the history leads us years past event.

Privatisation of Indian banking industry coupled with information technology revolution in India in general has modernized Indian banking with higher competitiveness.
RBIs Monetary and Credit Policy (2003-04) provides an insight into the current developments and prospective technology upgradation.
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Short Essay on The Impact of Privatization Essay 1 (200 words).

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