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of knowledge about cheese and cheese consumption rituals, and the role of cheese in French attitudes toward the. Differences among respondents based on occupation were reflected in ratings on four measures. Not only must one have a trained palate and be able to recognize and enjoy good quality, but the enjoyment must be undertaken in prescribed ways. And, theres something called the blood-brain barrier that helps cordon off the brain. (For the specific statistical results contact the second author.) Except for age comparisons, there are few differences in mean ratings across the demographic variables.

While wine is perhaps more often associated with France (Gannon 1994 for the French themselves, cheese is just as important. A two-amino acid difference doesnt seem like a lot, but casomorphins are only seven amino acids long! Abstract, anthropologists study food preparation and eating rituals as one means of understanding a culture. Powell, and Carol. A sample behavior question is, "I probably spend too much money for cheese" (to which 53 percent disagreed or completely disagreed). These results are reported in Table. Additionally, this study has demonstrated that within the structure of the attitude toward cheese one may find themes of the ties between cheese and national identity, between cheese and the French xenophobic zeal for stamping out that which is not purely French, and between cheese.

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While these and other protests about food controls are real, they lack the raw-nerve quality that characterizes the French relationship with its cheeses. Can cheese be considered a metaphor for France the way others have characterized, say, the Turkish and their coffeehouses (Gannon 1994 or the Japanese and their rice (Ohnukey-Tierney 1993 or the Chinese and their Quanxi exhange networks (Mei-hui Yang 1994)? Holbrook (1986 "Expanding the Ontology and Methodology of Research on the Consumption Experience essay for management in Perspectives on Methodology in Consumer Research,. Thats whats supposed to happen; its normal, natural. The five-factor solution also increases the variance explained to 47 percent. Self-employed professionals also expressed more agreement than any of the other three occupation groups that they would "always serve cheese on a plate." There was no statistically significant difference in mean ratings for the other three occupation groups. Are all sociocultural matters" (1993,. But the reverse was found for human infant exposure to human casomorphinsmeaning human casomorphins appeared to be beneficial in humans. Obviously, some variation is to be expected, but the differences which were statistically significant are consistent with what we know about French culture and society and do not negate the overall hypothesis. The cheeses of France may be sold bottled in oils, rolled in ashes, covered with mold, filled with seasonings, surrounded by rinds or waxes, or even in various stages of decay (timed perfectly for the occasion of eating). Mennell, Stephen (1985 All Manners of Food: Eating and Taste in England and France from the Middle Ages to the Present, New York: Basil Blackwell.

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