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The plan Before you start writing, it is advisable to sketch out a plan of what you are going to say. Some examples of formal words to avoid are: formal Spanish neutral Spanish ataviarse vestirse contraer matrimonio casarse cuita problema descender la montaa bajar la montaa ebrio borracho erguir levantar expoliar apoderarse de loar alabar mácula mancha morada residencia postrarse arrodillarse propincuidad proximidad sepultar enterrar, tone. A single individual writing a report on a situation in Spanish will, however, use. But the essential thing is to make sure that you use the language in such a way as to convey what you want to say as clearly and readably as possible. Punctuation Spanish punctuation conventions do not differ greatly from English. WorldLingo offers professional human translations. Edit out superfluous matter, particularly in the introduction, which must be clear and to the point and constructed so as to engage immediately the attention of your reader. See more from Grammar.

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Click the translate button and in a brief moment you will have your text translated into Spanish. When in doubt as to spelling, register, or usage, always take the time to consult a dictionary. This can easily cause offence. Send us your feedback. For hints on how to do this, see also Useful expressions for variety under General advice on writing. English speakers of Spanish have particular problems with the correct use of ser and estar, por and para.

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