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to serve as a visual work from starter kit. However, once you know how to add a search bar into your primary WP menu, its easy. Add this to the custom_p file contents: function add_search_to_wp_menu ( items, args ) if( 'primary' args - theme_location ) items. And its presumed you want your WordPress search bar ready for additional CSS styling that way, your search area can be adjusted to match the look-and-feel of your menu and your overall site design preferences. The values that we are concerned with for the navigation are relative and absolute. This moves the nav from above #header to inside it, after the title and tagline. Width:auto; is added for the sake of IE6 and 7 so that the nav is only as wide as it needs to be to accomodate its contents (other browsers automatically do this when using position:absolute or float). Requirement one is that you use a WordPress menu, not the default Thesis menu (theres an equally simple way to add search to Thesis nav menus, but its out of scope for this entry). ' /li return items; This PHP code looks harder than it is whats happening here is: the search bar is being added via a filter, injecting a search input form directly into the main WordPress nav menu on your site.

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wordpress thesis search bar

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The final line applies to the search inputs submit button. Sudipto Pratap Mahato 200 active installations Tested with.2.1 Updated 7 years ago. You could also change the width values of your search area, or remove the visible submit button whatever works best for your site. Note that nav menus that prior to adding the search area already consume most of the potential horizontal space may cause the new search area to wrap to another line. . The information on this page refers to a Thesis version that is now obsolete.

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