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to enter. They were mainly of foreign authors and I Liked many of them. We know this because when Mr Rochester asks her "do you find me handsome?"Jane replies "no". You've pointed out many characteristics of Blanche, but keep in mind that she is intended to be a foil to Jane: Her emptiness makes Jane's true depths all the more evident and attractive. Blanche, on the other hand, has other skills. Physically plain and slight, Jane is acutely intelligent and fiercely independent. Mr Rochester compliments her by saying her playing is "remarkably good." We know that this is true as Mrs Fairfax states that Mr Rochester is a judge of music. She is also a shrewd judge of character. When Mr Rochester tells Jane about Adele's tragic background, Jane says "I shall cling closer to her than before.

This woman is Blanche Ingram. Jane, on the other hand, is genuine, thoughtful, and in control of her own life whenever she can. On page 99 she says "sometimes I regretted I was not handsomer" This shows modesty in the way Jane feels about her appearance. Mr Rochester praises her by saying "In a short time she has made much improvement". Rochester now sing and I will play for you."Blanche emphasises that she will be playing for. Blanche is very flirtatious towards him she said to him "Mr.

Sometimes I was irritated by the passiveness of Jane Eyre. Then, use the rest of your introduction to set up what you'll talk about in each of your body paragraphs. No one is unpleasant to her and no one seems to grab.