how to ace an english essay exam

explain yourself into a wrong answer. Many students often do poorly on these exams because they dont have a good strategy for writing the essay. Keeping organized will make studying less stressful and eliminate distractions. Don't copy notes from friends or a textbook. At least 3 supporting sentences: These prove to the prof that you know what youre talking about. It will, in fact, be much easier to learn the details if you take the time to learn the concept and theory first. Once your materials are organized, you should begin the review process. But these strategic lacuna can make the difference between a blue book God and just another sweat-stained undergrad furiously scribbling like his life depended. The start of an exam gets the adrenaline pumping. If you can bypass these two pitfalls youll do well.

Short-answer and essay exams can be scary when you re not sure to be write or prepare for them. We came up with some tips to help you ace it! For essay questions think back to grade 10 English.

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2, find a quiet place to study. For essay questions think back to grade 10 English. Your essay should have: An introduction: Your introduction should explain the purpose of your essay and contain your thesis (a one or two sentence statement about your argument. Always check the time, location, and date of your exam. Free yourself from environmental distractions, such as loud noises, the TV or radio. Cross out errors quickly and move. Most essays in political science ask education through mother tongue essay you to make some kind of argument.

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