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rich detectors, Nucl. Classification by collections, find LHCb rich publications, classification by topic. A sketch of this layout can be seen in figure 3 (left). A 553 (2005). This fact could make it possible to resolve single did marcopolo exist essay peaks, thereby allowing to build a "self-calibrating" detector. DAmbrosio,., The optical systems of LHCb riches: a study on the mirror walls and mirrors specifications, LHCb-2000-071; cern, Geneva, ote.

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Alemi, Passive magnetic shielding calculation for the famous essay with authors photodetectors of rich2, Note LHCb Note Aerogel. Figure 1: Resolvable single peaks from simulated detector signal. With this configuration, it should be possible to achieve single-peak resolution for up to 30 Compton electrons or positrons per channel. This page is under construction. Wyllie., Silicon detectors and electronics for pixel hybrid photon detectors, Nucl. Every second quartz block is flipped with respect to its neighbor, to provide more space for readout electronics. As an alternative to the "classic" design using gas as a Cherenkov medium, we are also investigating the building a detector from quartz instead. The goal for the testbeam period is to test the detector with single electrons, compare the light yield to the expectations from the simulation, and to study the detector response for different angles and positions of the incident electron. DAmbrosio., The LHCb rich detector control system, Note LHCb Note. 3 2007 Page(s. Moritz., Performance study of new pixel hybrid photon detector prototypes for the LHCb rich counters, ieee Trans.