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Maple, is introduced and used. Professional software application techniques for post processing and retouching are covered. Credits: 1 Prerequisites: BIO209, NUR105, NUR115 Corequisite: LPN205 Mathematics MAT095 Intermediate Algebra for Non-stem Students focuses on essential skills in intermediate algebra for students whose program of study does not require them to take MAT 093 Intermediate Algebra or MAT 121 Precalculus. Additional topics to be covered include: assessing physical fitness and nutrition status, goal setting, and fitt principles. Credits: 3 Prerequisite: EGL101 BUS191 Introduction to Finance addresses fundamental concepts in financial management such as security markets, interest rates, taxes, risk analysis, time value of money, valuation models and related global issues. Students choose an instrument from the brass family (trumpet, trombone, horn, etc.) and meet once a week in a private lesson.

The course involves two parts which comprise a PC Repair Essentials component followed by a PC Repair Practical Applications component. Relevant topics of metabolism, electrolyte balance and human genetics and development are included. Visual and programmatic aspects of mobile development, including computer programming, mobile design, and user interaction are covered. Credits: 3 Prerequisites: BIO208, BIO218 Corequisites: PTA103, PTA104 PTA103 Clinical Skills for the PTA is an introduction to the technical and professional skills needed to care for patients in varied settings. Emerging global environmental health issues will be explored, including global warming and food insecurity.

This course includes an orientation to the United States criminal justice system while examining the roles of the modern federal, state, and local law enforcement and correctional agencies. This course will include structure and classification of soils, soil biology, plant nutrients, and soil amendments. The course includes extensive field trips to photograph with the instructor.

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Students complete weekly shooting and lab work and participate in class critiques. Advanced editing and image capture techniques are covered. Topics include fine art illustration, still life illustration, product illustration, book illustration, and editorial illustration. Credits: 3 Prerequisite: EGL093 Spanish SPN101 Introductory Spanish I (H) is an introduction to the Spanish language. Along with examining different coding, this course will explore the advancement of programming, as well as, timeless problem solving strategies. Credits: 4 Prerequisite: VCP118 VCP120 Digital Imaging V is an independent study course where students develop and implement a design project. Credits: 3 Prerequisite: EGL093 CRJ105 Introduction to Corrections provides a comprehensive overview of corrections, dealing with jails and prisons as well as the historical development of corrections and the legal processing from the incident to the prison. The course will focus on the dynamics of designing and setting up jump courses for both stadium jumping and cross country jumping events as well as set up for Western trail classes, speed classes and other Western events. Topics include wellness, physical fitness, and self-evaluation. Their primary purpose is to prepare students for subsequent college level courses. Studio performance concerning technical, aesthetic, and skill development is stressed. Students must provide their own transportation to trail locations.

Students will develop a heightened awareness of posture and physical patterns; learn basic breathing and movement techniques to support character development; analyze the impact of emotion, sociology and relationships on a characters physicality; and deepen their understanding of working on stage. Credits: 3 CSC104 Computer Science Fundamentals (I) is specifically designed as an introductory course for computer, engineering, math and science students to prepare them for the digital world. It focuses on implementing, managing, protecting, and troubleshooting small to medium-size enterprise branch networks. Students learn digital camera operation, digital scanning, and print production.

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