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degree in computer engineering from Simon Fraser University in Canada. In Desmet,., van Erp,. Some of his work has involved using sensors to collect information on the activities of older people that could be used to better personalize their health care. He holds two masters degrees from the Georgia Institute of Technology one in aerospace engineering and one in computer science. Support essay philosophy truth for Adapting Applications and Interfaces to Context In Seffah,.

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The Family Intercom: Developing a Context-Aware Audio Communication System ( abstract, pdf ) Kris Nagel, Cory. (pdf).68 Lee,.L. Context-awareness in Wearable and Ubiquitous Computing Technical Report GIT-GVU-97-11, GVU Center, Georgia Institute of Technology, May 1997. Masters degree programs in library and information science. Projects A number of applications/projects have been built/augmented with the Context Toolkit, including: Applications an information display that shows a user standing in front of it, a URL related to the research group that they are in Dummbo, an augmented whiteboard. B.3 Mankoff,., Dey,.K. Stuck in the Middle: The Challenges of User-Centered Design and Evaluation for Middleware ( abstract, pdf ) Keith Edwards, Victoria Bellotti, Anind. Workshop organizer of the workshop on on Context-Aware Mobile Media and Social Networks at Mobile HCI 2009. ( pdf ).36 Lee,.K., Davidoff,., Zimmerman,.

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