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there is managerial support for the proposed evening clinic. Another new strategy devised is Skill Mix. They experience stress and burnout which can have an negative impact on their performance. The nurses provide holistic care to the people, promoting good health and preventing illness.

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Through implementing the clinic I gained peoples thoughts and opinions and what they felt was needed, in Kassean Jagoos study (2005 they identified the unfreezing generating keywords in an essay stage as that of facilitating peoples thoughts on the current situation. 2.3In my leadership experience I believe that having an effective working relationship with you team can influence the outcomes of a project this is identified by Hartley and Benington (2010 as being a key leadership quality. The report will also include issues related to the quality of care and how my leadership can maintain or improve. It is important therefore, to acknowledge the complexity of the process. The individual care plans may also be used as a way to assess the workloads. There are many factors and ideas which need to be developed for the purpose of reducing the workload, as it is very important and urgent. 6.1 In conclusion I feel that a model which places great importance on the needs, values and morals of others is transformational leadership (Northouse 2004; RCN 2005) and elements of this could be identified in my leadership.

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