essay on pyramids of ancient egypt

that the reason why the pyramids were built in a triangular form is because it has a religious meaning to the Egyptians. Erosion and other causes have shrunk it to 138.8. Their were thirty five major pyramids and the ruins of them still stand near the Nile River in Egypt. Death was seen by the Egyptians as just the beginning of a journey to the other world. . The blocks were then loaded on huge sleds and dragged to waiting boats on the Nile River. At the time of construction it also had casing stones made of smooth white limestone. Then, you place the limestone blocks on the top of the structure (they started putting the blocks on top and then worked their way down). The queens pyramid was always much smaller than the kings. . However, when he was finished he had built one mastaba on top of another until it consisted of six steps some two hundred feet high. In Egyptian society each individual believed that his eternal life was dependant on the continued existence of their king, a belief that made the building of the pyramid a concern of the entire kingdom. .

All the blocks were checked for dimensions with special rods made specifically for that purpose. . A Pharaoh would begin planning his "house. In order to build a pyramid huge solid blocks of limestone weighing on average five thousand pounds (2.5 tons) each were cut from quarries using only copper chisels. They would during this process remove the ramps from the pyramid, and polish the limestone so that it would shine in the sun. There were also a lot of writing and drawings telling the accomplishments of the pharaoh. Egypt is known for its great pyramids one of them being the great pyramid of Giza, which has the largest pyramid of all and its. The structure of the pyramid was that of six steps all of larger size if you were to decending from the top of the pyramid. .