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and servitude. Break a vase, and the love that reassembles the fragments. WHO ARE WE TO SAY WHO iuslim AND reliability research papers WHO iindu when there ISA RAM IN RAM ZAN AND ALI IN DIW ALI The nation voted us to power to see unity and communal harmony, not for any division or communality. O To spread the spirit of Secularism and communal harmony and social Peace o To study problems relating to Communalism and Secularism o To organize inter-faith and ethnic dialogue and justice o To undertake study-research projects in the field of religious, communal and ethnic conflicts. The young minds therefore must know that the traditions of communal harmony and tolerance and respect for diversity have always been the redeeming features of our civilization. National Integration is the process through which people live within the geographic boundaries of a country forget their differences of race, religion and language and feel the spirit of unity and allegiance to the nation. The Conference set up a National Integration Council to review all matters pertaining to this vital question and to make recommendations thereon National integration means the unity of the nation.

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Birch's argument is illustrated by detailed and topical case studies of national integration in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia: the United Kingdom, with the Welsh, the Scots, the Irish and the coloured minorities; Canada, with its Anglo-French tensions, its cultural pluralism and its indigenous. It is a psychological and educational process that promotes mutual trust in the spirit of unity and love for one's country. College students, Youths need to join together to thwart the narrow-minded policies of the polity with an iron hand to create communal harmony. By seeking to bring along these ideals into reality the Indian Youth should work towards promoting communal harmony arid containing the communal menace that has already, taken deep seated roots in our society. Narrow considerations like communalism, regionalism, casteism and linguism seem to rule the country. A true religion is transformative having the power to create "a new heaven and a new earth".

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