what constitutes a good parent essay

everyday things and events through the eyes of their children who are new in this world and have little knowledge. Arguably, the single most important aspect of our childhood is who our parents are, and how they raise. After this age, they usually want that parents pay more attention to their comments and be more serious on their words. Being able to communicate well builds confidence and charisma. If parent doesnt know how to contact at various ages with children, it might hurt their feeling and make them emotional or violent in their future. Therefore, the most principal quality of good parents is being knowledgeable. Good Parenting, what makes a good parent? What makes a good parent? For example, lets say a father has a 15 yr old son. Lets look at the inverse of this aforementioned situation. I believe that next thing any parent must not forget about is trust.

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Actually it is family where all the social ills come from. On the other hand kids who face lack of freedom may end up turning into introverts afraid to speak to other people or not as social (which is not a bad thing though). Being consistent is not threatening punishment without carrying it through. He cant often attend his sons extracurricular activities, but does make sure his son. In fact, punishment, whether corporal punishment or verbal punishment, is not the best option to treat with children when they did not act based on thing that their parents want. The father worked two jobs to make ends meet and couldnt afford to buy his son much. Shriek and loud voice cause children feel afraid and con not form their own personality which will raise tremendous characteristically defects in the children. Everyday experiences can give children a wonderful chance to explore and learn and it must not be taken from them by their. However, he may not be mentally prepared for life as an adult on his own. The son has physically has everything that he needs to survive. The son plays baseball and is in the marching band.

What constitutes a good parent essay
what constitutes a good parent essay