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phrases and sentences; Chain of facts, sentences that are not connected. This multilingual documentation is made possible by United Nations translators, whose job is to render clearly and accurately the content of original texts into their main language. Work on precis makes writer capable of highlighting the basic points of the original article. Get a price" proceed with your order! Grab cheap papers here Now we can move to the part with precis examples. John Doe's work known as "How to Write a Precis" (2015 argues that any person can learn how to compose a rhetorical precis. The goal of her visit was to study gardens and landscape as a part of the Japanese culture. Distinguish several sections of precis. Precis never contains any additional information or details not mentioned in the original text even if it supports the main idea if the author. Now you know what is rhetorical precis and can succeed with. Shinto, Japan's oldest religion, considers certain natural forms - rocks, trees, groves, or mountains' to be sacred, representing the kami, ancestral spirits or deities, who inhabit them. This rises to an elegant skyline: a long, wooded tiger extinction research paper mountain ridge, lightly brushed with soft clouds, drifting silver mist.

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I was having breakfast on the 17th floor of the Hotel Okura. You learn to choose your words carefully and construct your sentences in a college essays newsweek logical and concise manner. Dont Forget to Review Your Precis It is the last step of your writing work but not the least. Tools for translators, to ensure the consistency and accuracy of their products, translators work in a 100 electronic environment, using the eLUNa computer-assisted translation tool to instantly compare new texts with all United Nations documents, as well as online dictionaries, glossaries and other in-house databases. A precis is the gist of a passage expressed in as few words as possible. Don't worry if working on a critical precis seems difficult, remember: you always have a reliable assistant by your side. Role of précis-writers, another important task that translators in the English and French services carry out at some duty stations is the drafting of summaries of the proceedings of United Nations bodies, a process known as précis-writing. The introduction of the précis should include the name of the author, title of the work, its genre, publication date.