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courses. I love how I can stay at my own pace. I have absolutely no complaints. The classes rely heavily on book reading and class discussions, but it helped me learn because I was forced to actually do the reading and interact with classmates. I thought I'd complete my degree more quickly by going entirely online.

I can say with over 7 colleges under my belt as a result over the term of my years to completing a degree program. Retired Army, I learned two languages at the Defense Language Institute while in the Army. This and many other training opportunities through my career translated into almost a Bachelor's degree, after I did my transfer credit evaluation this University stood out over American Military University, Phoenix University, and others with who would get me closest to. LaGuardia Community College in New York is voted 1 of the Top 3 large community colleges in the. It offers academic excellence and lowest college tuition.

I was having trouble with my original College Prep. In addition to the 63 to 67 credits that I transferred to tesc for another regionally accredited college, I earned 48 college credits by examination through tesc and took 2 correspondence courses in order to receive my degree. And Ashworths customer service was bar none the most inept I have had the displeasure in dealing with. Yesterday morning, I sent an email requesting withdrawal and a definition of periodical essay in english literature full refund of the total amount that I paid. Well a week goes buy and I email the Business Service Manager and inform her that nothing has changed with my Enrollment Contract. This article is about the basic degree normally below a Bachelor's degree. No interaction or instruction from mentors, no feedback, grades are not even explained, or if they are the explanation is completely vague.

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