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quickly locked all the doors except one, poured petrol, which they carried in cans, on the floor and walls of the compartment and set fire to it; as the train picked up speed, they jumped down and vanished. There was just mess everywhere with the luggage and personal belongings of the passengers spread everywhere ad mist the destroyed bogies of the train which was spread in kilometres. But the guard, challenges facing college students essay who saw the sudden and unexpected blow in the compartment as he stood at the entrance of his cabin, stopped the train. I just wish that such accidents do not take place in future. I looked for my ticket.

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I was so happy when I got it, because all the kids in my neighborhood had one. But now for my good old Madras! Suddenly there was a loud noise like a thunder. My leg was so burnt that some of my skin was peeling off. I too ran to the site of the accident to help the people. So, when I got finished getting dress I went outside and got on my scooter. When she finally got the scooter off of me she helped me into the house, because I could barely walk. I learned that the most important thing is being confident and trust in my self, and I am sure I will challenge myself to go all the way through. By now all were awoke and we all rushed out at once.

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