should we think before we speak essay

Saying you are sorry only has meaning if you subsequently change your behavior. Your words are a reflection of who you are. Your assistant rushes into your office with news of an urgent document that needs your attention right away. It starts with you using a wonderful gift called the Power of Choice, which we all have and yet some of us are afraid to use. If not, try this visual on for comparison.

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Like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the former president of the United States, gave chunks of inspiring speeches during the great depression that encouraged countless people in America to revive their confidence. Its a 5 second window. Hence, we can easily understand that thinking before speaking is imperative to maintain our strong interpersonal relationship. Avoid talking about bad, unpleasant, destructive subjects. The consequence of this is that we create a poor self -image of ourselves and we truly believe that this is our reality. Thats when I took action and made the decision that I was going to change the way I lived my life. If I were being positive, what would I be thinking?

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