essay on development of transport and communication

difficult. The English realized that only a railway net work could meet their colonial needs. The private companies built 6400 Kms railway lines by 1869 and there after the Government of British India took upon the construction of railway directly. As we begin a new century, the world has never looked so prosperous but at the same time, it has never been so glaringly unequal. Ropeway (Cable Car The transportation system which is operated from electricity is called Ropeway. The self-sufficient village economy was enough to meet the day to day needs of the people. Cite weblastEssays firstUK urlp? People could send against the death penalty persuasive essay the letters to any part of the country by affixing a stamp of half-Anna value.

Essay on development of transport and communication
essay on development of transport and communication

Pakistan Ministry of Communications has prepared a draft National Transport Policy which coversall modes of transport sectors.e. The English observed the benefits of railways as the best means for distribution of finished goods and how to write your thesis in a month supply of raw materials. Countries having coastlines also have seaports. All these projects are being currently implemented to develop overall atmosphere in the country. In the gas sector of Pakistan supply increased.9 percent in July-March 2011-12 as the average production of natural gas was 4236.06 million cubic feet per day during this period while it was 4,050.83 million cubic feet per day in corresponding period last year. With the change in economic system, pattern of agriculture changed. At present, 46 development projects having length of 2,985 km are ongoing at a cost. Routes which connect different countries of the world are known as the international Routes. Flood Impact Assessment In this nation Simple monsoon rains triggered floods in Southern Pakistan at an extraordinary scale, both in terms of size and strength, swamping all 23 districts of Sindh Province and connecting areas of northern Baluchistan Province. On the whole we can say that the transport and communication system is the life line of the country.

Essay on Transport and communication are significant infrastructural Essay on Means Of Transport And Communication Complete

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