essay on two and two make four

"On Libertywhich argues that the most important form of liberty is free speech, because it is only in an open marketplace of ideas, where viewpoints are questioned and tested against one another that truth. But the singular is much more common and natural in modern usage. In describing his efforts to teach rudimentary math to children at a community center, hes written three hammers plus one hammer equal four hammers. Wed recommend going with.

Which one is correct, two and two make four, or two makes four

essay on two and two make four

The Book of Snobs (1848 When will you acknowledge that two and two make four, and call a pikestaff a pikestaff? The singular form is also used because "two and two" is an arithmetic formula. OED for and used to connect two numbers (from a 1697 essay by Jeremy Collier) treats the subject as a singular: The notion is as clear as that Two and Two makes four. Treated as a unitary subject with singular verb.

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Politics and the English Language argues for an inherent connection between political freedom and clear language. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question. Heres what, garners, modern American Usage (3rd.) has to say on the subject: Its possible to treat one and one as a single mathematical idea, so the appropriate verb. A couple of Google searches produced these results: three plus one equals four, 12,500 hits; three plus one equal four, only. In fact, the earliest published reference in political leaders thematic essay the. Improvements in society, whether political, ethical, or commerical all depend on the ability of citizens to put forth new ideas and discuss them openly; where there is no free speech, there is only stagnation and tyranny. In an era with increasing power of mass media, Orwell sees that the putative freedom of speech possessed by citizens in mass culture was illusory of part of the debate was framed in speech so unclear that the fundamental mechanisms of liberty, those of open. Is it equal or equals? Or its possible to treat the two ones separatelyhence are. The, oxford, english Dictionary s entry for plus in this mathematical sense doesnt get into the issue of singular versus plural verbs. Q: My son is completing his college application. Four times four divided by two is eight.

The verb agreement in that case is with the formula as a single entity. Garners goes on to say that the same is true for multiplication: both four times four is sixteen and four times four are sixteen are correct. In your example in particular, Google indicates that the plural form occurs more often.

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