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balanced accuracy is defined as: textttbalanced-accuracy(y, haty, w) frac1sumhatw_i sum_i 1(haty_i y_i) hatw_i With adjustedTrue, balanced accuracy reports the relative increase from (textttbalanced-accuracy(y, mathbf0, w) frac1textn_classes). "macro" simply calculates the mean of the binary metrics, giving equal weight to each class. Once you have your list of the schools youd like to apply to, do some research: Identify your target school Research the programs youre interested in attending and make a list of the business schools you plan to apply. Furthermore, college transcripts can vary in their meaning across universities, but gmat scores give the admissions committee a sort of unbiased, standardized assessment tool for all applicants.

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Want a higher gmat score? References Davis2006 and Flach2015 describe why a linear interpolation of points on the precision-recall curve provides an overly-optimistic measure of classifier performance. AP stats, youll use a z-score in testing more often than a t score. If youre scoring in the 75th percentile of students, then youre in good shape. (Wikipedia and other references may use different convention for axes.) By definition, entry (i, j) in a confusion matrix is the number of observations actually in group (i but predicted to be in group (j). Classification report The classification_report function builds a text report showing the main classification metrics.