essay on of mice and men american dream

future happiness. The reality was that many Californians were unemployed and struggling to even have bread on the table. In these instances, at the novels opening and its ending, George is the accomplished actor and Lennie the entranced audience. Hopes and dreams are important in Of Mice and Men. George also wanted Lennie to be at peace, thinking about their dream, their ranch, before he died.

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Despite this truth, there is some conformity in all our dreams what pov is a synthesis essay look like that ties us all together. This dream for land and for untarnished happiness was called the American Dream. The themes in the novel were perfectly translatable to real life. For our purposes, its very important that this talk of the farm is talked about wildly throughout the play it seems like the farm is a dream to George, a hope for Lennie, and (eventually) even a plan for Candy. In John Steinback's Of Mice and Men, a major theme is the journey to live out the American dream, or, rather, the impossibility of living out the American dream. God show more content, tell about that George." "Whynt you do it yourself?

Because of this, Steinbeck gives the impression that the American dream can never truly be fulfilled to the dreamers original standards. So compelling is this dream that when Candy learns of it, he quickly offers his pension so that he can have a part of the dreams reality. Jus keep me shovin all over the country all the time (Steinbeck 11). Not is it important to the characters of the story itself, it is the theme of the novel.