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a Marie employability research papers Curie fellow at Aix-Marseille University, explains: The political elite after the French revolution felt that the ethnic diversity of France itselfwas a weakness, he says. The timing of the two reports, just months after the vote for Brexit that was followed by an uptick in hate crime and much soul-searching from politicians over the significance of immigration to the vote, is more coincidence than design. Visit our adblocking instructions page. White woman calls cops to say crying black boy sexually assaulted her. Chuka Umunna, a British, labour Party, mP for a diverse south London constituency and the son of a Nigerian immigrant, has long had a reputation as a pro-immigration campaigner.

But the specific issue of integrationhow immigrants and the native population learn to live together, and what each should be expected to do to further that george orwell 1940 essay on nazismission endis discussed only intermittently, and to little effect. The majority hasnt really known what its role or place in integration. Katwala points to the problems with integration, particularly how concerns about the topic are a significant driver of the spiraling anti-immigration feeling in Britain. But he sees no contradiction between defending the rights of people to come to the.K., and setting out some demands of them when they arrive. But in more concrete terms, where there are clearly identifiable issues, the problem often comes back to government planning and funds. To take the issue of language, for example: While the vast majority of people in the.K.

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